#Over a Pint

Beer bloggers  interview brewers all the time and frequently socialize with them, too, but typically at some type of beerfest or event. So here’s the idea: anyone with some type of beer blog is welcome to participate.

“Over a pint.” #OverAPint. Sort of in the vein of The Session kicked off by Stan Hiernymous exactly 8 years ago in 2007 and still going strong. But whereas The Session entails a different blogger each month conceiving a disparate topic related to beer wherein everyone aims for that target and then said blogger hosts the discussion on his or her web-log, I’m envisioning just two instructions.

  1. Head out with someone who brews for a living and talk to them over a pint (or more) without recording it or taking any notes. Just chat. About stuff.
  2. Don’t do it at the brewery’s pub or tasting room.

August, 2022: Brady Schaner of Spider City Brewing (Bend Source Weekly)

May, 2022: Trever Hawman of Bridge 99 Brewing (Bend Source Weekly)

February, 2022: Cam O’Connor of Crux Fermentation Project (Bend Source Weekly)

July, 2015: Natalie Baldwin of Burnside Brewing

May, 2015: Lloyd “Drew” Phillips of McMenamins Crystal Brewery

April, 2015Bolton “Bolt” Minister of 54-40 Brewing.

February, 2015: Sean Burke of The Commons Brewery

Feb, 2015: By Jon Abernathy of the Brew Site: Pat “Patio” Shea of GoodLife Brewing.

January, 2015: Ian McGuinness of Natian Brewery

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