1859: Reading the Hop, er, Tea Leaves

c/o Rogue Ales Buckman Botanical Brewing

1859 is a beautifully printed magazine either named in honor of the year Oregon was admitted to the Union, or an homage to Charles Blondin who became the first man to walk a tightrope across Niagara Falls. My money’s on the former, otherwise I’ll need to come up with all new angles each month on a beery perspective on non-acrophobic, non-hydrophobic daredevils with impeccable balance.

For starters, yes, I wrote a blog about Oregon beer, but since I strive to incorporate some other distinctly Oregonian subject, it tackled the collaborations between local brewers and teamakers. With tragic irony, it published the day legendary “tea savant” Steven Smith passed away. I believe we’ll see a great many more tea beers, as well as at least one more story up my sleeve about ongoing projects at Smith Tea.

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