Pull Up a Stool: with Johnathan Wakefield

This installment of Pull Up a Stool finds me chatting with Miami’s Johnathan Wakefield, a celebrated homebrewer turned near-pro, largely thanks to a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign that I wrote about here. The truth is, Florida is one of 3 US states I haven’t been to. But I did go to Copenhagen for an insane beer celebration and J. Wakefield Brewing was supposed to pour at it but had to duck out at the last minute. Hence, I’m still eagerly anticipating actually drinking Johnathan’s amazing Florida Weisses. (There IS a beer named Miami Weisse already, yeah? Oh, there’s 17.)

Beer Traveler: National Parks

National Parks finally makes the connection between hop cones and pine cones (though only one features forest setting) in AAB (Vol. 32, Iss. 5, 2011). To soak up both some of the best of Mother Nature and those who nurture our beers, head to Biscayne Bay National Park near Miami (FL), Mammoth Caves National Park near Louisville (KY), and Crater Lake National Park above Medford (OR).

Beer Traveler: It’s the Beaches

This beach-themed Beer Traveler was my first submission taking over this long-running column and as such represented a dual honor. It’s fair to say beer + travel were already front-of-mind for me. Now if only I could rack up enough miles to fly front-of-plane. Served up for this theme: Orange County (CA), Virginia Beach (VA), Honolulu (HI), and Tampa/St. Petersburg (FL).