Ruby Monthly

McMenamins Ruby story in Portland Monthly by Brian Yaeger Artist Lyle Hehn / McMenamins

I love that I got a byline on this story, but c’mon, I hardly wrote 20% of it. Rachel Davidson wrote the 80% majority of this PoMo story outlining 5 ways McMenamins is actually pretty cool and “pioneered Beervana.” (More on that later from me.) As for my two bits:

Ruby Ale, the wheat beer with 42 pounds of Oregon-grown raspberries per batch that remains McMenamins’ best seller to the tune of 1.6 million pints last year.

But of course that’s just the ending of Ruby’s story or more like her impending mid-life crisis since she’s only 35.

The Suds of March: 5 New Portland Beer Destinations

It’s fitting that my latest story for PoMo is basically version 2.015 of the first story I did for them, which was a look at the New Brews of 2012. Herein we meet the newer brewers, places like Ex Novo, BTU, Baerlic, StormBreaker, and Bannon’s in Beaverton. Of course, soon I’ll be able to do a write-up of five even newer players.

Photo of, and courtesy of, Ex Novo, as featured in PoMo.

Hoppily Ever After

This isn’t really a Portland Monthly story, but when I was contacted by the same publishing company to write a story about beer weddings, I had to accept if only to say I’ve been published in Portland Bride & Broom. It ended up being a fun story to think about and organize, even though I was given tons of direction on that end. What can I say? I love love. And beer.

Rye Revolution

For nearly 500 years, Germans mandated that beer be made from only water, hops, and barley. More recently, however, Northwest brewers began embracing virtues of rye. This segment of Portland Monthly’s feature, “Wallet Guide,” explored five rye-fueled brews that embrace the flavor-packed grain.


India Session Ales

The beauty of an India Session Ale? The brew retains the hop-powered IBUs (international bitterness units) of an IPA while you retain more of your wits with lower ABV. In time for summer in the May, 2013 issue of Portland Monthly, I delved into five ISAs for the “Wallet Guide.”