Fritz Maytag, the godfather of craft

Before I’d ever interviewed a single brewer in person, I managed to schedule nearly a full day’s interview with the iconic Fritz Maytag. The man isn’t just responsible for the survival and success of Anchor Brewing, but, it can be argued (by me and many others), that he spurred the entire craft beer industry. Not a bad legacy. And a decade after my first interview with him, he kindly got on the horn to give me another for Draft Magazine to reflect on that legacy.


Beer Pilgrimages

This story on Beer Pilgrimages for All About Beer’s travel issue (Vol. 31, Iss. 5, 2010) tackles not just some venerable and historic breweries at the top of a solid Beer Bucket List, but the places to go once you’ve naturally checked those off. Places such as McSorley’s in NYC, the National Brewery Museum (in Potosi, WI, donchya know), and the fields (barley and hops) in which our beer grows across the Northwest.

Kids in the Brewhouse

Kids in the Brewhouse is the first story I wrote for this magazine in 2008 (Vol. 30, Iss. 2, 2009) about the second generation of craft brewers. Not the men and women who opened the second-wave of craft breweries, mind you, but the first wave’s founders’ kids.